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​Autographs & signed ephemera from Washington to Warhol.

The Cordelia Platt autograph collection.

Presidents, Important Figures in history, Popular culture, Art, Cartoonists,

and Entertainment all in one collection.   

March 5, 2017 

From our consignor:

"Cordelia & Tom Platt Autographs, the original name was called C. D Price, Inc.- A business that began in my childhood home in Cherry Hill, NJ during the mid- 1970's. My mom loved history, art, cartoonists, scientists, entertainment figures, and the discovery of important documents as they related to history. This was the time before computers & the internet. As a little girl, I would find my mother in her home office, buried behind a stack of books, researching documents that she just purchased or the details of items she'd be including in her next mailing "list". The autograph business was her heart & soul. She invested her time & energy into the business. My mom was someone who only knew how to give 110%, as she regarded every item, customer, & interaction as top priority. Those who remember her would agree with my account. After she married Tom Platt in 1983 he helped build the business with her. They were both highly regarded in the autograph industry. Cordelia was the president of the UACC (United autograph collectors club) for many years. She was official authenticator of Marilyn Monroe. In 2004 she was diagnosed with cancer & died shortly thereafter. Tom followed the same path in 2008. Once I moved back home to NJ in 2014 I knew it was time to begin selling the autograph collection."

American Antique Auctions is proud to present a slice of history with this collection; the majority of which has not been seen or available for over 20 years.

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